Hot Tub Fundraising: We need your Help

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Dear Sun Devils,

We need your help with our upcoming fundraiser opportunities and with getting a new hot tub...please RSVP for our Car Wash and Strut your Stuffing 5k below on the links provided.  Links will also always be found on the - Team Calendar

For those of you who have been part of our program for a long time and even those who have just began their know that we are a self funded program and we rent Arizona State Universities facilities.  While ASU purchases most of the equipment, Sun Devil Divers has helped chip in for some over the years.

Recently our hot tub of 15 years stopped working.  This is not something ASU will replace...but is a necessity to ensure quality training for our club divers.  While ASU divers will use it, we must understand that ASU has supplied the majority of the equipment and it is on our club to replace the hot tub.

Last year Sun Devil Divers committed to donate $1,000 a year over the next 5 years to ASU's Swimming and Diving, to help better our facilities for ALL and for years to come.  We have 4 years remaining on our commitment which we had planned for financially...but had NOT planned for a new Hot Tub.

We have several fundraising opportunities this year that help with our overall expenses to run the club, but the hot tub was not planned for...we are asking for your help so we can save for a New Hot Tub or have one donated.  If anyone has or knows of someone with a hot tub 3 years old or newer, that they would like to donate...please contact me so we can discuss. 

Fundraiser Opportunities: Car Wash & Strut your Stuffing 5k

If you have not RSVP'd for next weeks car wash (Nov 2), please sign up by clicking this link - RSVP Car Wash

We need more help and could use extras to hold signs on the street corner.  Also, remember to keep getting those Pre-donations for your Car Wash cards we handed out a couple weeks ago.  If you need more, just ask.

Strut Your Stuffing - Volunteers Needed

We also have a great opportunity to raise $300 for our program on Thanksgiving morning and I hope we have some Sun Devils would love to help out.  Last year's group did a fantastic job!

We need 11-15 Volunteers...My wife Jodi and I will be there, so we only need 9 more Volunteers for the minimum.

- You must be 12 or older. They prefer 16...but remembered how good we are :)

*Parents may volunteer as well.

  • Please dress comfortably
  • Please wear team gear (Sun Devil Divers)
  • Take photos of our group so we can share on social media 
  • Event staff will go over instructions, but basically you will be handing out water or other goodies and cheering on runners
  • Smile and have fun!

I need to get them a Roster ASAP...or they may give the opportunity to another group.  Please RSVP by clicking this link - RSVP Strut your Stuffing 5k

Thank you for your continued support and have a wonderful day Sun Devils.