July 1st - Sun Devil News & Notes...

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Dear Sun Devils,

We hope you are staying cool and doing well.  As we enter July I'd like to send some news and notes to keep you in the loop.  Please take a moment to read through this email...as always let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

July - Last month of summer schedule! Final month of training at Rhodes and NAU pools.  We appreciate everyone's flexibility and adversity during our pool closure.

July 4 - NO Practice.  Enjoy a fun and safe Fourth of July!

$2.25 monthly service fee - Double Check

Please check your monthly credit/debit card statements to make sure you are only being charged once for the $2.25 service fee.  This money does not come to our program and I do not see these fees withdrawn.  If you notice more than one charge on your account...let me know immediately as there is a duplicate account for you that must be deleted.

Elite & Gold - 3rd Quarter Grades

I must apologize for my delay in getting these out.  They will be coming late this week or early next.

Class Movement & Invitations to move up
Please understand there is NOT an exact checklist a diver must exhibit to be invited to a higher level class.  We base movement on many, many, many factors making it difficult to have a clear "Here is What You Need" to move up.

Below is a list of various items we take into consideration when asking a diver to move up.
(in no particular order)

Strength, flexibility, balance, age, attitude, mental toughness, speed/quickness, spatial awareness, level of dives learned, competitiveness and over all potential to succeed at a high level of diving.

When we have an opening in Elite, Gold, Silver or Bronze classes...we will not move divers to a higher level group unless we feel they are prepared for the next level of training.

Invitation to Join a Higher Level Class

When our coaching staff feel a diver is ready to move up, you will receive an email Invitation from me (Marc Briggs).  If you do not receive an invitation this means your diver still needs more time and commitment in the class they are presently in.  Remember not all divers will continue to move to a higher level class.  Divers may reach a certain level and remain there for months or years before they make the next level. 

Moves are also based on when divers accept an invitation to move up...sometimes divers do not feel ready or want to move to a higher level class.  Because of this, we may have several divers ready to move up, but no spots available.

If a spot is open and the 1st diver we invite to move up declines, we will contact the next prepared diver to move up.  Remember, a diver must be ready to move up...we do not move divers up just because we have a spot available.  Please understand we must make some difficult decisions on roster moves...our program and your children are developing wonderfully and we only have so many spots available. 

Over the next week or two, your diver may receive an invitation to join a higher level class for August 19th.  We will also send invites in August for September.

USA Nationals:  July 28 - August 6

Several Sun Devils and myself will be competing with the best age group divers in the Nation in Knoxville, Tennessee July 28 - August 6.

Team Break - August 1 to August 18

We will resume Practices at Mona Plummer (ASU) - Monday August 19

Have a great week Devils,