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Dear Sun Devils,

You may have already seen the email from USA Diving pertaining to a pretty heavy "Surcharge" added to events at Regionals, Zones and Nationals...but I wanted to double check. Please read below as well as my notes for our plans moving forward.

There will also be a surcharge for "meet directors" which will be charged to "you" when we host a meet that is USA sanctioned.

Message from USA Diving

In order to continue our current insurance benefit for our members, the USA Diving Board of Directors on January 19, 2020, approved an insurance surcharge fee for all entries for all USA Diving events, including the U.S. Olympic Team Trials, all national-level meets (including Masters), Zone Championships, Region Championships and local events. The surcharge will take effect February 1, 2020.

The National Governing Body insurance market as a whole has experienced a significant increase in 2020 Liability Insurance rates, and this has impacted USA Diving. While we would prefer not to increase fees for the membership, the increase is necessary to help offset the premium increases we are experiencing in 2020. Should we be able to secure reduced insurance premiums in future years, the Board will consider downward adjustments to the event fees. To view online, CLICK HERE. 

I am a meet director hosting an invitational. How do I implement the surcharge into my meet?    
USA Diving has set up a simple online process to track event entries and event surcharges. After the conclusion of a USA Diving-sanctioned invitational, the host will receive an email from USA Diving that will include a Webpoint link.  Hosts will be required to follow the link and submit the number of event entries. The host will be charged $5 per entry, which should be added to the meet registration fee. Each entry is considered one event (Example: If a diver registers for 1-meter and 3-meter, that is two event entries.).  The Webpoint link will include a short checkout form in which the host will enter the number of entries along with credit card information to submit the surcharge fees collected. Receipts will be generated and emailed to the host by Webpoint. We are working with Divemeets to develop an automatic process for adding this surcharge into the registration, but in the meantime, meet directors should plan to add the fee into the registration cost for each entry. 

Sun Devil plans moving forward...

We were not aware this increase was coming and it was dropped on "us" just as it was for all divers and families.  We understand this increase could affect many divers around the country as well as in our own program from traveling and competing at meets, but hope this will not be the case.

Sun Devil Divers is committed to USA Diving and will remain a registered team.  We will continue as an AAU registered team as well, but understand that the USA increase may make it difficult to attend all USA meets.

Note - USA Diving is the governing body for which we select international divers and how you qualify for the Olympic Team.


Sun Devil will attend - USA 2020 Regionals, Zones and Nationals.   We are considering AAU Nationals this season...but a location has not been determined.  I will keep you all posted on our decision.

Az Association Championships - we host in May

I would host this as an AAU meet to keep costs down, however our association must run a USA sanctioned association championships to stay in compliance with USA Diving.

Future Invitationals

I would not be surprised to see more Az and other teams hosting their meets as "AAU" sanctioned in the future to keep costs down.

Sun Devil Fees

Just a reminder that even though we have had increases in our pool rent and other fees associated with running our club...we will be keeping our Monthly & Team Fees the same through August 2020.

There is nothing you need to do on your end, just wanted to make sure all of our divers and families were aware of the USA Diving surcharges and our plans moving forward.

Have a wonderful week,