Sun Devil Updates - No Practice July 4

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Dear Sun Devils,

We hope you've had a good weekend and continue to be healthy.  Our Devils had another nice week of training with lots of improvements and some new dives.  Use of the dance room with mirrors and light exercise equipment has been very beneficial and we'll continue to take advantage while we can. 

No Practice - Saturday July 4.  Have a fun and safe day!

July 3 - 7: I will be out of town visiting family.  Coach Warren will cover all groups.

Click here - Team Calendar

Please get back in the habit of using our team calendar.  I'll list when a coach will be covering for another, as well as any updates we receive on opening dates.  Currently I have moved our Team Break to the first part of August, while we await our pool re-opening.  However, this may change if we decide to rent another pool the first part of August.  Working on things...

NO Traveling Meets yet

There is a meet that will be in the West Valley in July, as well as discussion of AAU Nationals being rescheduled.  Please understand at this time...Sun Devil Divers will not be traveling to or attending any of these meets until further notice.  Warren and I will have a Mock meet or two during July, we might even do something with the CdS divers...but I haven't talked with Josh yet.

July Monthly Fees

Reminder, we are still not using recurring payments for your monthly fees.  You will receive a separate invoice from PayPal Sun Devil Divers, LLC for July via email.

July- $2.25 Service fee and $1.00 Sun Devil Charge

If you are still registered as a member of our team through our online system, but not training with will be charged a Service fee of $2.25 and $1.00 recurring charge on July 1. Please let me know if you would like me to cancel your membership so you do not receive these fees.  Divers currently training with us still have this fee.

Looking forward to another great week of training, have a great day Devils.