By participating in Sun Devil activities... including practices, meets and social events. All athletes and parents/guardians agree to the following policies. Policies may be changed without notice.  Failure to abide by these policies may result in ejection from the team.

Travel to Practices and Competitions

Travel arrangements to practices are the responsibility of each individual family.  Sun Devil Coaches will not transport or arrange car pools for your diver.

Travel arrangements and all expenses to competitions are the responsibility of each individual family. Divers must be chaperoned by a responsible adult. Sun Devil Coaches are not chaperones. Arrangements for chaperones must be arranged by the parent/guardian.

Team Directory

Several times a year, our Team Directory will be emailed with all coaches and divers contact information to help assist with Car Pools and Communication.

Meet Information & Sun Devil Competition Fees

Approximately 3-4 weeks before each meet we attend, you will receive an email with meet information.  It will have fees established from the meet directory for each event (1-meter, 3-meter, Platform).  Fees are usually $35 per board at local invites & $65 at Regional, Zone and National competitions. You will also have a Sun Devil Competition Fee that helps our Coaches with travel, room, food and time at away meets.  An email with the Sun Devil Competition Fee will be emailed out prior to the meet. Once the competition is complete, you will receive an invoice from PayPal - Sun Devil Divers, LLC with the amount you owe. Competition fees for meets range from $15 to $35 for local invitationals and $50 to $65 per diver for Regional and Zone Championships.

Sun Devil Divers are operated by AZ Water Sports & Fitness, LLC