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By participating in Sun Devil Divers activities... including practices, meets and social events. All athletes and parents/guardians agree to the following policies. Policies may be changed without notice.  Failure to abide by these policies may result in ejection from the team.

Weather Policy

Please understand with our sometime unpredictable Arizona weather we need to be flexible and ready for different situations diving at an outdoor facility. The weather conditions are out of the coaches/staffs control.  When we clear the deck, this is all in an effort to protect your children.

Unless notified in advance, Sun Devil Divers will always have at least one Coach at Mona Plummer Aquatic Center regardless of weather conditions.  It is ultimately your decision to attend practice or not when you feel practice may need to be canceled once you arrive.

Mona Plummer Aquatic Center - Lightning Policy

"In the event lightning is observed or reported, the pool and pool deck will be evacuated immediately. Once lightning has been observed or reported and the deck has been cleared, the area will remain cleared until 30 minutes has passed since the last observed or reported lightning strike. Once the All-Clear has been given, patrons may re-enter the pool area. Lifeguards and facility manager have final say on when the pool will be evacuated and when re-entry will be permitted."

What Happens when we have to Evacuate the Deck

If there is availability in the room under the West End Bleachers (Pitchfork Room),  divers and coaches will move to this room to continue our practice if time permits. Parents will need to meet in the lobby. Please understand coaches do not have a say in practice continuing or not. The Lifeguards and Aquatics Director have the final say! This is all in an effort to protect your children.

What Happens when we have to Evacuate the Entire Facility

If weather gets so bad they need to close the entire facility...we will send texts/calls to pick up your diver ASAP while meeting in the Lobby.

If Practice needs to be Canceled

In the event coaches and staff determine weather will be bad enough to cancel practice, we will send out an email, text, post to Facebook and put on our Calendar so divers and parents are informed that practice will be canceled and NO coaches will be at Mona Plummer.

Please understand there will be NO Refunds or Make Up Lessons offered when practices are canceled due to weather conditions or other ASU functions.

Sun Devil Divers are operated by AZ Water Sports & Fitness, LLC